AmirKoushkani is an ethnomusicologist, composer, performer, and instructor of traditional Persian stringed instruments Tar and Setar. Dr. Koushkani’s training in Persian music began in Iran, where he was introduced to traditional Persian themes, under the tutelage of Master Dariush Pirniakan.  

Amir Koushkani holds a Master’s Degree in Western Musical Composition and he also received a PhD in Ethnomusicology at York University, with a dissertation on the history and theory of the Iranian musical transcription. With specializing in on a different aspect of Persian music, over the last three decades he composed widely for theatre, orchestra, and various musical ensembles. He has recently published a two-volume study on the “Persian Avaz” in collaboration with Master Mohammad-Reza Shajarian and Professor Rob Simms at York University.

He has implemented the teaching methods developed by Ostad Hossein Omoumi called Pish-Radif for a course he currently teaches at York University in Toronto, Canada.


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